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Stephanie Allin

With over 20 years in the bridal industry it’s no wonder that Stephanie is one of the top UK designers in her field.

Her wealth of experience and passion is plain to see in each of her designs, with her vast knowledge and astute eye for fashion her gift to create the most immaculate bridal corsetry is enhanced by her use of the most luxurious fabrics.

The Composition and finish of her gowns is always of the highest standard. It is impossible not to look and feel amazing in one of her wedding gowns.

It is no wonder that Stephs beautiful creations have graced many a celebrity and appeared in all the top mainstream glossy magazines.She has also been nominated and won countless Awards.

It is an honour for The Swanky Bride to have her as one of our highly valued Designers.

Brides can see a few examples on this page of how a gown design begins with sketches by Stephanie Allin to the finished handmade gowns shown in the photos. (  Lizzie, Kelly and Freya ) ENJOY !


Stephanie Allins collection – Exclusive to The Swanky Bride in West Yorkshire.

Visit Stephanie’s website 


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