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Augusta Jones


This intimate boutique brand has carved a niche designing timeless and classic pieces.  Their aim is to satisfy three basic requirements; beautiful styling; flexibility of the range to suit a variety of shapes; and a way to personalise a wedding gown. Everything a bride could wish for in a niche luxury brand. Brides can style every aspect of their wedding outfit with Augusta Jones’ range of shrugs, belts and veils. Each gown is bespoke which means that brides can work with the stores to change details of the gown to customise the look to best suit their shape and cater precisely to their individual sense of style. Changes to necklines, a selection of fabrics, adding buttons or changing sleeve lengths are just some of the available optons. With a gorgeous range of fabrics, embroideries and in-house beadwork to choose from, there are no shortage of ideas for the bride.
The first collection was launched in England in 1999 under the creative leadership of British designer Charlotte Leung. June Leung joined the team shortly after and brought with her a passion for art deco and period jewellery to the collection – very much in evidence by the extravagant detailing found in key pieces. Setting themselves apart from the crowd, the duo focussed on a more personal level to help the bride with the design of her gown. “We very much wanted to offer brides a way to work towards their own look. Working with well established stores who can knowledgeably offer suggestions to brides, stores who have worked with us over many years and know what can be achieved for the customer, adds a whole new dimension to selecting a gown.” 

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